Monday, May 13, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About the App

The following questions and their answers were taken from the FAQ in the app.

Why should I write a question?

Writing a question will give you something to focus on during the reading. It will also help you recognize the reading if you decide to save it.

Why should I select a category?

If one of the categories suits your question, select it. The interpretations will be more relevant to you question than if you did not select a category.

Why can't I get a straight "yes" or "no" answer?

The YiJing does not lend itself easily to "yes" or "no" answers. It is also known as the Book of Changes for a reason. The responses focus more on the changes in the situation surrounding the question. A good compromise is to ask two questions. One question should concentrate on a the positive outcome. And, the other should concentrate on the negative outcome. Judging from the responses, you can decide on the actions to take or what path to follow.

Why do I have to tap six times? Why can't I just tap once?

In a typical reading, you would have to toss the coins or split the yarrow stalks once of each line. The algorithms to generate the lines were written to be faithful to those outcomes. Each tap gives the you the opportunity to participate more directly in what is supposed to be your reading.

Other apps have at most two hexagrams. Why are there so many in my reading?

The traditional way is to change all the changing lines of the first hexagram to product a result hexagram. So, you get a starting point and an end point. Somehow you have to work the changing lines into the reading. The YiJing Oracle, on the other hand, gives more details about how the situation will change. If you think of the result hexagram as your "destination", each  transitional hexagram is a "turn" you have to take to get there.

How accurate is the YiJing?

The short answer is: It is as accurate as your free will allows it. You can think of the reading as a "snapshot" of what is possible. So, what comes out of the reading is not set in stone. If the outlook looks good or not so good, you can change your actions or thoughts and take a different approach.

Can I look into someone else's future?

Unless the other person is there to consent to a reading and to tap the screen, the reading can apply only to you. It would unadvised and unethical to do a reading for someone else without their permission.

Is the YiJing better than Tarot cards?

Each form of fortune telling is different, but they try to accomplish the same goal: They try to give you insight into your question so you can make better decisions.

Where can I find directions on how to cast using three coins?

From the Start screen, tap Documents, and then tap Three Coins.

Where can I find directions on how to cast using the yarrow stalks?

From the Start screen, tap Documents, and then tap Yarrow Stalks.

Why aren't the changing lines marked with "X's" or "O's" instead?

The changing lines can be better seen if they are colored red. In future versions marking the changing lines that way might be an option to choose in Settings.

How many times should I ask the same question?

Asking the same question again and again will only confuse or frustrate you. If you want to ask the same question again, allow another day or two to pass. But, is that what you really want to ask? Is there something about the question that you should ask instead?

As a suggestion, use the Notes feature and write about your attitudes about the responses that you receive. When you ask again, you can compare the two readings and see how some time has helped you.

I did not like the outcome of my reading. What should I do?

Without realizing it, you have changed the possibilities, so the outcome is sure to change. The app has most likely presented you with aspects of the situation that you are unwilling to face. But, you might want to ask yourself if your question is the one you really want to ask. Nevertheless, give yourself some time, for example a day or two, before asking again.



Monday, May 6, 2013

Long-distance Relationships [Reading]

When you have the opportunity to travel and stay in a foreign country for a good, long while, you find a connection. Or, in this person’s case, he found an opportunity for love.

At first Michael was looking for the possibility of employment. But, he got sidetracked by love.


Question: Do I have a future in a foreign country?
Category: Love and Relationships
Method: Yarrow Stalks


First Hexagram: 33 – Dun - Retiring
Changing Lines: 5,6

A problem in the relationship has arisen. It is best to confront it instead of ignoring it or being accommodating. Before you talk with your lover, ensure that you have solid reasoning. So, you need to withdraw for a bit and then you can engage with your lover.

From my understanding is the Michael is back home after his three-month stay in the land of his birth. But, when I talked with him, the distance between him and his love interest is not the issue. He acknowledges that there are certain areas of his life that he needs to work on before he can even consider going back. It’s a great thing to know that they have a good understanding!

Line 5: You can leave the relationship situation or the relationship itself in a friendly way. There will be no bad feelings when you do.

Line 6: Once you leave the situation behind, you will not need to worry how it will be resolved because it will no longer concern or impact you in any way.

He decided to come back after he wasn’t satisfied with the job situation. He resolved to return to the US where he believes he will have a better financial future. His love interest is aware of this and understood why he had to leave. BUT, although the relationship is “on hold”, they are communicating often.


Second Hexagram: 57 – Xun – Ground
Changing Lines: 6

To forge a more trusting and open relationship, you must be patient, gentle and persistent.

Long distance relationships such as Michael’s need a whole heaping lot of patience and understanding. If Michael is “forceful” in the situation, he would be giving into thoughts of insecurity. Feeling desperate only serves to give the impression that you want to control the other person – That is never fair.

Line 6: Energies have begun to wane, but not after you have achieved your goal. If there is opposition, you will not be able to confront them. It is time to retreat.

The text of line six is very apt. The fifth line of any hexagram is the “peak” of the situation, the most extreme. But, the sixth always shows that the power of the situation represented by the hexagram is waning and getting weaker.

It looks like Michael will get the position or job that he’s been looking for. But, in focusing on getting the job, he might have to put his relationship “on hold” for a longer time while he adjusts.


Resulting Hexagram: 62 – Xiao Guo – Small Exceeding

Focus on the small details of your relationship. These details will shore up and strengthen it. Or, if you are single, focus on the details that you want to have in a future relationship.

With this hexagram, it appears that with the relationship constantly in the back of his mind, he’ll be able to continue regardless of the distance between the two of them. In addition, it looks like he will have both the job and the woman of his dreams.


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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Peter’s Love Life [Reading]

A reading from a person who tried out the app named Peter.

It had been a few months since I last saw my friend Peter. When I told him about the app he was curious, so I had him give it a test run before downloading it onto his phone.

Peter wanted to take a look into his love life, but didn’t enter a question; he wanted to keep it to himself.


Question: (Contemplated)
Category: Love and Relationships
Method: Three Coins


First Hexagram: 46 – Sheng – Ascending
Changing Lines: #5

Be confident that you have a strong relationship with your lover. Continually nourish it with great patience and it will grow even stronger.

During our conversation, Peter hadn’t mentioned if he was seeing anyone. For all I knew he was still single. Nevertheless, according to his first hexagram, he might be or there is someone he is interested in. Assuming that he’s still single, the advice of the oracle is that he needs to be patient with the other person. As they continue to talk and spend time with each other, their bond will grow stronger. But, if Peter gets desperate and pushes the idea of a “relationship”, the other person might sense the desperation or the urgency and it would be in Peter’s disfavor. In essence, the other person would be “turned off”.

You are successful, but there are a few goals that you need to achieve. Focus on the remaining goals one at a time.

With the addition of changing line number five, it further advises that the idea of having a relationship at this time should not be his goal. Peter is rather “established”. Meaning to say that he has a good career, friends, family and hobbies that he enjoys; other areas of his life are going rather well. The “other goals” that were mentioned could be centered around himself. Maybe there is another hobby or interest that he would like to take up? Maybe he wants to start a new business venture? Sometimes, when you take your mind off of an goal or an idea that you’ve thought about for a long time, it manifests while you stop thinking about it.


Result Hexagram: 48 – Jing – Welling

You need to focus on your own need before you can address those of your lover or of the relationship.

It looks like for the next few weeks, he should focus on himself. Is the oracle saying the he’s not “ready”? I would say, “yes”. Maybe he needs to assess his reasons for having a relationship.

One common idea for having a relationship is the idea to complete one’s life. I’ve often heard that people are “looking for their other half” or “someone to complete them”. It comes from Plato’s Symposium.People were of both sexes and had four arms and four legs, etc. They conspired to climb to heaven, so Zeus split man to weaken him and double the offerings they received, instead of destroying man. Good call: double or nothing.

That idea has put the believer in constant search of something outside them and fills them up with expectations, sometimes unmet and unmanaged. And, sadly what often happens is that they find that the “other half” no longer “completes” them, so they seek another or try to change the other person. There are a whole slew of bad “things” that can result as well.

A better approach is to believe you are whole to begin with and search for another whole. It might not be easy to think or believe, especially since the media prefers to market the “I’m not whole” idea, but it’s possible. If you can feel good about yourself and enjoy yourself BY YOURSELF, then you’re thinking more towards a person who feels 100% and whole. I’d rather be 100% looking for another 100% to create 200%, than 50% trying to find another 50% to create 100%.

Monday, April 22, 2013


The following is another reading that was submitted by a current app user, “Wilma”. Below is her reading.



Question: What can I expect dating Sean?
Like in a previous reading she stayed away from expecting a “yes” or a “no”. This question has a positive spin, and I’m quite sure that there was another question such as “What can I expect dating other people?”

Category: Love and Relationships
Very appropriate category.

Method: Toss Three Coins
Wilma decided to take a chance and give the three-coin method a try.

The following are the hexagrams that resulted related to Wilma’s concerns.

First Hexagram: 34 – Da Zhuang – Great Invigorating
Changing Lines: none
This is the current situation and because there are no changing lines, it will continue for at least the next few weeks.

Sometimes there are no changing lines in a reading. Whether it’s good all depends on the situation. If it’s a favorable situation, then it great to know that it will continue. But, if not, you have the power to start thinking how you can change it. In this case with Wilma’s love life, the single hexagram is probably something she welcomes… Or, not.


Summary: Da Zhuang indicates power. In love and relationships this means the querent, the person asking the question, has a certain power over others. Since Wilma’s asking about Sean, she must have some power over her. In other words, Sean is very attracted to Wilma and it looks like this will be the case for many weeks to come.

Although I don’t have much background about the reasons why Wilma asked this question, this can be interpreted in a few ways.

First of all, if Wilma is interested in Sean, then the appearance of a non-changing Da Zhuang is a very good thing. They can begin building a relationship.

Second, Wilma might just be curious. Who knows? She could be dating other women and Sean just happens to be one that came to mind. With this outcome, she can rest assured that Sean might feel the same.

But, with power come responsibility. She should use her power over Sean wisely and should not be selfish and abuse that power over the other woman taking advantage of the other’s possible infatuation.

Friday, April 19, 2013


The following is a reading that was submitted by a current app user. Out of respect for privacy the user wanted to be referred to as “Wilma”. Below is her reading.



Question: What can I expect regarding my salary increase this year?
Wilma decided to stay away from asking a “yes/no” question and thought out a nice one sentence question. It’s short. It’s succinct. It’s to the point.

What’s nice about her question is that she is expecting a positive outcome, so she’s setting herself up for a raise and will most likely get one.

Category: General
Although she could have chosen “Work and Career” or “Money and Finances”, she chose “General”. It’s an interesting choice, but she felt that it would have a wider impact on her life than just in one area.

Method: Split the Yarrow Stalks
Wilma chose to use the yarrow. She felt that it produced applicable readings.

The following are the hexagrams that resulted related to Wilma’s concerns.

First Hexagram: 18 – Gu – Corrupting
Changing Lines: #1, #5
Represents the current situation.h18

Summary: It appears that Wilma’s current situation is affected by limited resources at her company. Someone in the company or organization that Wilma is working for is withholding. It can be for many reasons, but it’s not because of Wilma’s performance. It could be the economy or that there is a smaller number of clients compared to previous years or quarters.

The character for this hexagram, Gu, is the image of grubs in a dish of food. When insect grubs are present, the food has been spoiled or spoiling. It is an image of decay. People in the company might be favoring some at the expense of not giving her a raise because they might see them as “more valuable”.

So, there is a possibility that someone within the company is reluctant to increase Wilma’s salary out of greed. Wilma will have to find out if this is the case. And, if there is some indication of this, she will have to find others who can help her.

Changing line #1 adds that the root cause might be because the company or organization that she works for continues to follow the same practices that were profitable in the past. But, the times have changed. The company refuses to look within and would rather attribute their losses to outside causes.

Or, it could indicate that Wilma herself, needs to change. She might need to look for a different company to work for or find a way within the company to become a more valuable asset.

Changing line #5 states that with support Wilma might be able to change the practices of the company. It will be small number of those who agree with her, but after some time, many more will follow her lead.

First Change: 26 – Da Chu – Great Accumulating
Changing Lines: #5
Represents a situation that Wilma can expect within the week.


Summary: Wilma will start to gain more resources. This might be the “raise”. But, it might be connections or other clients that she can work with. She should find others for support and guidance. During this time, she should make sure to reward and thank those who have helped her.

Progress is still slow, however. She still needs to confront the company, but in an indirect manner as is suggested by line #5. Again, she might find allies at work to help her get a raise, not just for herself, but for others in the same situation.

Result: 9 – Xiao Chu – Small Accumulating
Represents the result that she can expect around the fifth week out.h09

Summary: It is the details that need work. Wilma might need to pay attention to them more. One of those “little things” is actually now more of a hindrance or a block than an annoyance that she might have thought it was previously. She might have ignored it, but it’s come back to bite her on the butt.

I’m sure the Wilma might know what it is or after some advice, she will find out, do what is necessary to “correct” it and then she will see her goal. She knows what the “big picture” is, so she just has to break it down into smaller steps and follow that plan before she sees what she wants.